Tog Rating Guide

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What is a TOG rating and why is it important?

A TOG is a measure of thermal resistance used to estimate warmth. Most duvets and sleeping bags have a TOG Rating, the higher the number, the thicker/warmer the covering.

Overheating and loose bedding that can cover baby’s head can be dangerous. A baby sleeping bag that is lightweight and of the correct size and TOG Rating should be used. The room temperature will determine how many TOGS the baby sleeping bag should be or how many layers of covers a baby will require. If loose bedding is used it should be tucked in no higher than baby’s shoulders. Most medical experts recommend a sleep environment for baby of 16-21°C, with 18°C being ideal. The table below gives an indication of the TOG rating required for various room temperatures. You should also vary baby’s clothing worn underneath the sleeping bag according to the room temperature. This advice is intended as a guide. Every baby is different and will need different things, therefore you should regularly check to see if baby is too hot or too cold.

TOG Rating Room Temperature
2.2 18-21°C
1.5 20-22°C
0.7 21-26°C

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